Client Testimonials

Hi, I’m from Tustin.

I called them out because we lost our keys from a late night party and my roommates were already planning to climbing through the window just to get in. But their technitians came fast and rekeyed the lock. He even made a new key for it on site! That was a relief!

I was so happy that I had him do a few more jobs at the same time likely two more rekeys, one lockset replacement, a new car key and garage locks too.

The rates were quite reasonable and I couldn’t imagine a friendlier locksmith. You will also learn a lot from their advices. Thanks!

Henry E.

client testimonials
We’ve called Orekey Locksmith a few times now to help with an emergency repair, key changes, and lock change. Orekey technician gave a free consultation on the security lock for windows and door to ensure a safer home. Really great guys!


Their techs come out pronto. He also will come back and fix things if something goes wrong. Very nice honest guy. Orekey Locksmith is who I use and have no reason to change it up.


I had a great experience with Orekey Locksmith that I am proud to share. Technitians are fast, thorough and friendly. Last week, I called last minute for a client’s home re-key and was able to fit us in perfectly and the job was completed without issue.

And it’s official, I would not hesitate to call them back again.

Philip M.
Laguna Hills, CA

Hi! I would highly recommend Orekey Locksmith to any of my friends cause I am sure they won’t fail me. They even have all the tools and equipment that you may need.

Before I got this problem with my door. When it’s hot and sticky out it always seems as if I can never get my door open! One day I went outside to water my garden and when I went to go back in the door was stuck.

I was a wreck – I had food cooking on the stove and didn’t want my house to burn down! Within 15 minutes of calling him I saw him pulling up in the driveway.

Very polite and very neat! My lifesaver!

Mike Andrew

really great people, showed up on time and was quick and efficient. He also didn’t mind that we watched while he was working, explained everything and answered all our questions. You cant go wrong with orekey locksmith!!!

Lea & Bonnie

I am an owner of apartments for rent. I have this business for 6 years now and it’s really important to make sure that the people inside are safe.

Orekey is the real deal. He is fast, polite, attentive, gets the work done correctly the first time. I’ve used him several times now and he has made it onto my short list of “first call” providers. Pricing is always very fair as well.

They also got free consultation and survey of the whole building. Isn’t that great?!

Orekey Locksmith does takes care of business. He’s my go-to locksmith.

Newport Beach, CA

This guy is AWESOME. He’s always on time and get’s the job done quickly. Our company has been using him for years.

A&M Electronics

I called Orekey Locksmith twice this week. Techs are really reliable that even if I’m away and come back to check if the jobs done…it’s always amazingly finished with all the locks I’ve choosen installed properly.

The locks of my office’s file cabinet was changed with some high-tech locks and I love it!

I’m grateful to have use your service! Thank you!

Dr. Enriquez

I bought this new house in Villa Park, CA. I am new here so I really don’t know which locksmith shall I entrust for changing the locks and providing me with new keys. A house next to me was very kind give your number.

At first I was doubtful but when they came here fast with all the equipment needed, I was delighted. The technitian provide me with the new locks I suggested and more options for garage and gate locks.

Rates are affordable too. I was really grateful for Ms. Mary (my neighbor) to introduce your Orekey Locksmith. Thank you so much.

Mrs. Devlin