Master Key Re-Key

Master Key

Muster Key will make your life easier and your key chain lighter!


How is this possible? Let’s take for instant a building with fifteen office units. It is actually bulky for the building owner and his/her management crews to carry fifteen different keys for each office all day long.


Orekey Locksmith answers to this situation by advancing a single master key that can open different exclusive locks with different keys. They have the best professional technicians that can make all the needed locks with discrete keys for each unit of a certain building and produce one master re-key that will open all this particular locks.


The good news is that master re-key is designed to open at least two locks to up to three hundred locks with only one key.


Master re-key is primarily useful to ensure the security of your entire building locks and also offers a convenient keeping of the said key. Its purpose is especially functioned for building management for offices, complex management for set of buildings, business owners, landlords, security groups and other similar parties.