High Security Locks


In most home and business burglar cases, entry is usually gained through the door.


Quality high security lock and keys control can give your family and your properties the safety and protection at best!


High security lock and keys give you the best front line of defense against break-ins and robberies. Mul-T-Lock and Medeco designs are two quality high security locks that are impossible to pick or bump even by the most experienced locksmiths, so you can eliminate the possibility of burglars entering through your doors.

Standard keys can be easily duplicated in about a thousand shops or locksmith stores around the country. Patented high security keys, on the other hand, can only be duplicated by the authorized dealers and only when you have the matching key identification card which will be provided to you in the installation of the security locks. This will assure you that no one else have the copy of your keys unless you give it.

high security lock


High security lock

Medeco Lock